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Authorities literature states that 85% of the population will suffer back pain during their lives and 95% of all back problems are of a mechanical nature.

Over 20 years of research and design has led to the introduction of the TheraFlex Back Care
system. This truly revolutionary new spinal treatment has been developed by an expert team in
Cornwall and is fast becoming the worldwide benchmark for spinal treatment.

To work correctly the spine must be supple and elastic. Loss of supple elasticity is natural with time and age and is often greatly accelerated by injury.Vertebral Mobilisation is the movement of individual segments of the spine to increase the mobility of the spinal column.
Physical manipulation or mobilisation has long been accepted by physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors to be the primary treatment for mechanical disorders of the spine.

Although it is possible to achieve a degree of movement to the spinal column as a whole through exercise and physical therapy, generating movement manually between individual vertebral segments is difficult and very time consuming.

The Theraflex Vertebral Mobiliser takes inter-vertebral mobilisation to an entirely new level, allowing a degree of treatment that would not be possible with the human hand, but still retaining the feel and control of manual therapies.

The treatment is ideal for the golfer and tennis player who requires a supple and flexable spine to carry out their respective sport. For the patient who has a dislike to the dynamic sound of spinal manipulation this is the ideal treatment for you !

Theraflex is currently being used in Premier League Football Clubs and Nuffield Hospitals.

Theraflex have been classified by the MHRA, (The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency), as Class IIa medical devices

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