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Great comments from David, Clearview Club member after a Footscan and Gait assessment revealed foot biomechanics which were corrected with a bespoke orthotic.

‘I could only walk for a maximum of 1-2 hours before experiencing pain and had to stop. After an initial wearing in period of a couple of weeks I could walk the same amount without pain. it is not a problem to walk 3-4 hours in comfort. Now reduction in pain is 100%’

Massage Therapist with repetitive strain

I have been a patient of Trevor’s for approximately 5 years and see him for maintenance treatments. I suffer from both upper and lower lumbar stiffness and my treatment relieve this immediately.

It progresses to improve over the next few days to 100% recovery. Due to the nature of my work as a massage therapist this improvement will last 2 to 4 months. I can highly recommend Trevor and the advicehe gives really helps – Vivienne from Frinton-on-Sea                                                      viv


Trigeminal Neuralgia ….. Scenar Therapy

I was initially diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia in 2000, I was 26 years old. I experienced extremely severe facial pain that tended to come and go unpredictably in sudden shock-like attacks. The pain usually lasted for a few seconds, but often came in many bursts of pain in quick succession. My symptoms became progressively worse over a period of four years with some short breaks in between. The medication gave me side effects of exaustion,depression, weight gain,tingling nerves in my face and a general fogginess.

Around 6 years ago September 2004 my symptoms disappeared for 5 years and recommenced with a vengence in August 2009. The medication again gave me the side effects but far worse than before. This led me to to look further to find an alternative treatment.

I started treatment with Trevor in Spring 2010 using the Scenar. After the third session I was able to reduce the level of the medication slightly, however over the next two further sessions I was able to cease medication entirely. I did have a slight regression following that but very quickly booked in further sessions and the treatment was quick to provide relief again. Its not possible to put into words how the pain and fear of pain can be like living under a constant and repressive dark cloud,the releif is like having the sun come out after what felt like a very long time under that cloud and that is thanks to the treatment with Scenar and Trevor.

Fiona from Brentwood 2010

Sciatic Pain …. Scenar Therapy

I was in extreme pain with a trapped sciatic nerve and was unable to walk. prescription pain relief maskedthe pain intermittently but was not treating the cause of the problem.When the Scenar was incorporated into my treatment within 24 hours I was in 40% less pain and had regained a better posture and mobility. I am in no doubt that the Scenar progressed my recovery at a much greater rate and helped with the reduction of pain.

Jane from Harwich

Pain Relief Multilevel Degenerative Spine …Scenar Therapy

Treatment with the Scenar produced considerable pain relief from long standing spinal, hip and knee pain. On occassions this pain relief lasted up to 10 days, which I found valuable. I would like to use the Scenar more frequently when my pain is more severe.b

Maureen from Manningtree aged 80

Gout.. Scenar Therapy

The Scenar instantly removed the pain from the gout, I could not believe it had worked so quickly.

Paul from Brentwood

Shoulder pain…Scenar Therapy

I was suffering with a shoulder injury for about 3 weeks, it restricted my movement and I had pain when brushing my hair, putting a coat on and stopped me from working as a fitness instructor. After the first treatment where trevor used the Scenar I found I was able to move my shoulder without without any discomfort. I would say it had improved about 70%. After my second treatment a week later I was able to move my shoulder pain free I had improved 100%. I really would recommend to anyone,it works wonders.

Zoe Fitness Trainer Brentwood