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rsscanOn average, each one of us will take between 8,000 and 10,000 steps per day.

Millions are born with a slight misalignment of one of two bones in the feet, yet too many of us are still unaware that this is the most likely underlying cause for our poor posture, bunions, recurring injuries, tired achy legs, osteoarthritis, back pain, or the daily grind of living with chronic musculoskeletal pain.


Advanced technology allows the footscan® plates to measure pressure and force distribution accurately at High speed and High resolution. Barefoot pressure measurements for both feet are taken.
The resultant data will allow the orthotics to be manufactured and made available to the patient in the quickest time possible.

What is an Orthotic Insole ?

Orthotic insoles are an orthopaedic device placed in the individuals shoes or trainers designed to treat foot function problems by improving the foot movement. They are suitable for everyone, from elite athletics to the long term ill because they are prescribed for the individual. Orthotics correct the foot problems which can lead to foot, shin, hip and back pain, therefore making standing, walking or running more comfortable, efficient and pain free. They alter slightly but persistently the angles at which the foot interacts with the ground, relieving problems occurring further up the body.

Orthotics can be prescribed using either

Ready to Wear devices – are ready straight off the shelf or bespoke orthotics made using either CADCAM milling or vacuum forming dependant on material. rightstride┬« orthotics have been in a clinical trial commissioned by the MoD. The conclusion was that D3D based orthotics reduce injury by a stunning 78% for further information visit