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Trevor Prout BSc Hons Osteopathy welcomes you to the The Clearview Osteopathy Clinic in The Virgin Active Club in Brentwood.

Trevor has established a clinic at Clearview since 2006 offering professional treatments including Osteopathy, Scenar Therapy, Sports Massage, Management & Treatment of Sports Injuries, Acupuncture and Facial Rejuvination incorporating The Derma Roller.

A recent addition to the clinic has been a state of the art RsScan Footscan to measure dynamic gait analysis to detect biomechanical problems causing foot, leg or back pain.

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stick manGet Activated and Prepare the Body for Optimal Function
Ben (personal trainer at The Clearview) was Activated and dead lifted a best ever 140 kg


* 21st Century Back Care Now Available at The Clearview*


“ For back pain sufferers the world over, there is good and bad news. The good news is that this treatment works, the bad news is the availability of the treatments. If you can find a machine, try it. It may just change your life. -”

Ben Hunt, Back Pain Sufferer, Financial Times, 2005

Trevor has trialed the Theraflex for 4 weeks with amazing results, making The Clearview the first club to offer this unique treatment to its members.